Aged Care Workshop

21 October 2021 

8am - 12pm 

Trinity on Hampden

230 Hampden Rd, Crawley 

Delivered by Panetta McGrath's Director and Practice Leader Gemma McGrath,  this intense workshop will address the following: 

Dealing with difficult residents and families

  • Identifying the difficult party

  • Strategies for managing residents and family members

  • Balancing obligations to residents and families with obligations to your staff

  • Receiving, investigating and managing complaints

Capacity and substitute-decision making

  • Ascertaining individual decision-making capacity

  • The differing roles and responsibilities of substitute decision-makers, including powers of attorney, enduring guardians, appointed guardian and administrators and NDIS nominees

  • Circumstances in which an application may need to be made to the State Administrative Tribunal


Mental Health, Psychological Safety and Duty of Care 

  • Developing your safety system to support the recognition of psychosocial hazards, psychological risk, mental health warning signs, domestic violence risk and other workplace risks  

  • Working with medical experts who are treating the employee - what can you request, and dealing with non-responsive employees and doctors  

  • Accommodating workers compensation claims, and dealing with issues around causation  

  • Dealing with absent employees, and avoiding discrimination claims when dealing with medical incapacity due to mental health issues  

  • Addressing duty of care obligations and mental health risks for a remote and flexible workforce 

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