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Please check back with us as Events are currently being added for 2024

Some Past Events 

Managing Food Safety in Aged Care 

5th July 2019  Perth & Adelaide 


Recognizing and responding to clinical deterioration of older people  

5th July 2019

Ed Gaudoin - Bethesda

2019 Aged Care Quality Standards includes National Aged Care Quality Indicator Program and Charter of Aged Care Rights 

5th July 2019

Susan Brownlowe - Leading Aged Care Services Australia 

Food Outbreak investigations in Residential Aged Care 

5th July 2019

Department of Health WA

John Coles and Ben Witham

Falls in hospitals and Aged Care 

5th July 2019

Prof Anne-Marie Hill

Ed Gaudoin - Bethesda

Aged Care Quality Indicator Program 

14th Mov 2019

Leading Aged Care Services Australia 

Prof Jon Iredell Sydney

Improving the lived experience of dementia - medication management, hospital care and future practice 

5th July 2009

Jason Burton : Alzeimers WA 

Antimicrobial Resistance in Hospitals and Residential Aged Care 

5th July 2019

Matt Rawlins 

Perth Seminar & Livestream
Crown Perth WA 
7th July 2022
Proposed Second State of legislative Reforms for aged Care in Response to the Royal Commission

Serious Incident Response Scheme in Community Care 

Presented by Erica Thuijs of Jackson McDonald Multi-Sector Law Firm, Erica will explain ; 

Why do we need a Serious Incident Response Scheme?

What is the Serious Incident Response Scheme (SIRS)?  

What has occurred since the SIRS was introduced?

What you must report

What is currently required under the SIRS

What is currently required under the SIRS

Governance Update

Presented by Steven Coghlan of Governance Institute of Australia, participants will understand governance with; 


Director ID
Virtual and Hybrid Meetings

Cyber security 

Climate change 

Codes of Conduct effective 1st July 2022

Presented by Erica Thuijs of Jackson MacDonald Multi-Sector Law Firm, participants will understand; 

Mandatory minimum qualifications

Minimum levels of English proficiency

Criminal history screening

Powers for ACQSC to investigate code breaches


Legislative Reform

Final Report of Royal Commission into Aged Care released on 26 February 2021 

Royal Commission Response No 1 Act passed 24 June 2021


What Might a Code of Conduct Look Like?

Voluntary Code of Conduct for employees

Preparation for the Scheme 


Worker screening obligations of Residential Aged Care Providers who are NDIS Providers 

Presented by Samantha Jenkson of NDIS Quality and Safety Commission, participants will understand : 

Overview of NDIS Worker Screening

Role of NDIS Worker screening in Quality and Safeguarding

How NDIS Worker Screening operates 

21st October 2021  Perth 

Dealing with difficult residents and families

  • Identifying the difficult party

  • Strategies for managing residents and family members

  • Balancing obligations to residents and families with obligations to your staff

  • Receiving, investigating and managing complaints

Capacity and substitute-decision making

  • Ascertaining individual decision-making capacity

  • The differing roles and responsibilities of substitute decision-makers, including powers of attorney, enduring guardians, appointed guardian and administrators and NDIS nominees

  • Circumstances in which an application may need to be made to the State Administrative Tribunal


Mental Health, Psychological Safety and Duty of Care 

  • Developing your safety system to support the recognition of psychosocial hazards, psychological risk, mental health warning signs, domestic violence risk and other workplace risks  

  • Working with medical experts who are treating the employee - what can you request, and dealing with non-responsive employees and doctors  

  • Accommodating workers compensation claims, and dealing with issues around causation  

  • Dealing with absent employees, and avoiding discrimination claims when dealing with medical incapacity due to mental health issues  

  • Addressing duty of care obligations and mental health risks for a remote and flexible workforce 

Following attendance a Certificate of Attendance will be provided.

Learning materials and plenty of time for questioning and engagement is available. Includes morning tea. 

Workshops are kept at a maximum of 25. Please book early to avoid disappointment 

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