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Healthcare Conference 2021 Sponsors & Partners 

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From Interite Healthcare Interiors


"It was a privilege to speak at the Health2Ageducate Conference about the importance of design in the healthcare space. We had great pleasure in meeting professionals in the aged and disability healthcare sectors, an amazing benefit to share knowledge between us to improve patient experiences.


We welcome you to take another look at our presentation on the principles of human centred design. Please visit our project gallery to learn more about our project experience or feel free to contact us: Kate Manser or Luke Sharpe."

Dementia 360

Health Design and Build and Aged Care session presentation 

Jason Burton

Experienced Dementia Specialist, Educator, Consultant and Snr Aged Care Manager with a demonstrated 30 plus year history of working in the health, aged care and non-profit organisation industry. 
Jason is available to support your business through dementia specialist training, leadership development, project leadership, dementia enabling design and built environment reviews, dementia service strategy development and evaluation and research projects.

Moris Godding Consultants 



"MGAC understands the high profile and complex nature of Iconic Buildings. We have enormous experience in the delivery of high profile projects in Melbourne, Sydney and Australia wide.

We can draw upon our experience with major projects to bring about innovative solutions for accessibility, and we can identify performance solutions by using our large knowledge base, connections with major disability organisations and utilising international codes for supporting arguments.

We value add to all projects by ensuring that our service delivery considers; universal design principles to promote inclusion and liveable communities, creating synergies with other design disciplines such as BCA, Safety by Design and ESD"

The Governance Institute of Australia is a national membership association and leading authority on governance and risk management advocating for a community of 40,000. 

We are grateful for Stephen Coghlan's presentation on Governance in Aged Care 

We have substantial experience in the aged care and retirement living sectors and in-depth knowledge of the relevant legislative frameworks.

Our lawyers assist providers of aged care and retirement living services in the following areas:

  • Compliance with the aged care and retirement village legislation, and strata and community title laws in the context of seniors’ housing

  • Commercial agreements, including brokerage agreements, service agreements, tender documentation and funding agreements

  • Resident and client documentation, including residential care agreements, home care agreements and retirement village residence contracts

  • Sale and purchase of businesses, sites and facilities

  • Aged care and retirement village facility leases, and management agreements

The Social Spectrum 

Gold Sponsor 

The Social services landscape is in a constant change, which starts from regulation, funding, delivery models and more. Housing and Accommodation supports are vital services across multiple segments of our community and social fabric.  

The Social Spectrum Group believes that NDIS SDA is the start of a transformation on a Social Housing Spectrum. This is the first step towards independent, dignified and affordable housing for marginalised and misunderstood Australians. 

Specialist Disability Accommodation provides an opportunity to trigger a Social change, and have a long-term social impact.

SSG are bringing in Private investor groups to have a commercial social impact and propel a Social change, and with time it will be duplicated across other segments of our community. 

The Social Spectrum Group is a Specialist Social Housing provider, which is delivering commercial social impact through the delivery of affordable, dignified and fit for purpose housing solutions. 


Gold Sponsor 

The physical environment of a healthcare facility is the foundation of all that occurs in it. Allegion believes optimising a healthcare facility’s physical environment can have a direct link to improved patient health and safety.

It also ensures physician and staff safety, security and performance; increasing operational efficiencies and financial outcomes.

The NDIS Providers Alimac Advisory offers 3 services in the NDIS Registration groups including Assistance in coordinating or managing life stages, transition and supports, Specialist Disability Accommodation, Accommodation and Tenancy Assistance NDIS Registered Service.

These services are offered in 7 Australian States & Territories.

Alimac Advisory head office is located in 4 Korong Court, Clifton Springs, VIC 3222 and provides support for 5 disability sectors including Acquired Brain Injury, Cerebral Palsy, Autism Support.

Contact Alison Mcleod

M 0419 551 36

At SDA Consulting Australia (Part of the Equal Access Group), our accredited SDA assessors understand the positive impact that appropriate housing has on the lives of people with disability. We believe that everyone is entitled to accommodation that meets their needs in every way and allows them to live comfortably and to the fullest.

We aim to use our knowledge and experience across both the disability and building sectors to assist eligible people in making the most of their SDA funding.

SDA Consulting has partnered with other industries’ leading organisations to deliver cost-effective SDA projects for both the for-profit and not-for-profit sectors and the people with disability that will be occupying it.

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Aged Care Royal Commission – Update on Government Response  (30mins) 

David McMullen, Principal Lawyer – Practice Leader, Commercial, Panetta McGrath Lawyers

Cost: $85pp per view 


The Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety released its Final Report earlier this year. This presentation will discuss some key findings and recommendations, and provide an update on what has occurred since the release of the Final Report.

Serious Incident Response Scheme 
Prue Campbell, Associate, Panetta McGrath Lawyers (30 mins ) 

Cost $95pp 

​This presentation will discuss the recently introduced (1 April 2021)  Serious Incident Response Scheme (SIRS) including  the responsibilities of aged care providers in relation to incident management and reporting obligations. It will also look at the timeframes applying to reporting obligations, the role of the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission and practical tips to ensure compliance.


Governance in Aged Care (50 mins ) 
Steven Coghlan
Governance Institute of Australia 

Cost: $95pp 

​The aged care sector is under the spotlight like never before and this means that the focus must be on governance. While boards in the aged care sector grapple with the crisis, they need to ensure there is a focus on good governance in order to overcome the immediate hurdles and to set their organisation up for recovery.   

To assist the sector, Governance Institute recently revised and relaunched its Adding value to governance in aged care guide covering the unique challenges of governance in a changing aged care sector. Steve will discuss highlights/insights from the guide appropriate for anyone currently on the board of an aged care provider — as well as anyone considering taking on a board position and the importance of governing reputation risk.


Rights, Risk and Safeguarding for People Living with Dementia   (25mins) 
Jason Burton - Dementia 360

Cost $65pp

With an increased focus on protecting the rights of people living with dementia in aged care services finding the balance between safeguarding rights, respecting dignity of risk and maintaining duty of care has never been more prominent.
Looking at the challenges, opportunities and ethical considerations this session will explore where we are and where we are going in supporting people living with dementia to lead as full a life as possible

Obligations of Aged Care NDIS registered providers under the NDIS Practice Standards and the
NDIS Code of Conduct  (1 hour ) 

Samantha Jenkinson
State Director WA NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission

Cost : $120pp

As of 1 December 2020, approved providers supporting National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) participants will also be required to be registered as a provider with the NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission. 
This means approved providers which support NDIS participants will have responsibilities under both the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission and NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission regulatory frameworks.




Designing Outdoor spaces for people with Dementia :

Jason Burton: Dementia 360 (30 minutes) 

Cost : $75pp 

Research has long shown us the cognitive, physical and emotional benefits of regular time spent outside connecting with nature. However research also shows that if you are living with dementia your opportunity to access the outdoors can be severely restricted. Exploring accessible design, meaningful engagement and the latest evidence on outdoor access enhancement for people living with dementia this practical session will equip you to maximise opportunities for enhancing wellbeing through designing for accessibility to garden spaces and bringing nature inside through smart design.

Accessible Design for Universal Access & Hidden Disabilities - the NCC & DDA Claims 

Richard Scott : Morris Godding  (30 minutes ) 

Cost: $75pp

This presentation will focus on population statistics of physically impaired users ; 
- Impairments that aren’t visible, well known, or recognised in the NCC.

- Comply with what? – A discussion on “Compliance with the NCC doesn’t mean good design or protect you from DDA claims”.

- Conflicts between good design for some accessible user groups, but not for others

Human Centred Design for Healthcare Facilities

Katherine Manser: Interite Healthcare Interiors (15mins ) 

Cost : Complimentary 


Designing for both the patients and staff in facilities providing healthcare has very evidently evolved over the years. From the emergence of new technology to making a patient feel at home when they are at their most vulnerable, there are many design factors to consider in order to achieve the best outcome for the end user. Kate Manser, Interite Healthcare Interiors, uses her 30 years in design experience to explain the importance of good design in healthcare spaces. Learn about how the following factors are carefully considered when designing for the aged, people with disability and general medical practice.  


Patient experience


Way finding


Infection control

Design aesthetics and pallet



Case studies

Ambulant Access in AS1428.1 and alternative technologies

Richard Scott : Morris Godding (20 mins ) 

Cost: $65pp

Consideration of the difference between wheelchair , ambulant , and the lessor known impairments that benefit from ambulant compliance.

Compliance with AS1428.1-2009 doesn’t mean safe, easy, or satisfy the DDA.

The difference between knowing compliance but understanding why it’s required.

Section D3.4 of the BCA and when it’s applicable.

Seamless Access for Health and Aged Care

Paul Pilbeam : API (Allegion)  - 30 mins 

Cost : Complimentary 

This presentation will discuss how door hardware and access control can provide a safer and more secure environment for staff, residence and visitors.


Obligations of NDIS providers under the NDIS Practice Standards and the NDIS Code of Conduct 

Samantha Jenkinson

State Director WA NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission

Cost: $130pp for both presentations from Samantha (1 hour in total ) 

The NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission is an independent government agency that regulates the provision of supports and services to participants in the NDIS. It works to improve the quality of NDIS services and supports, prevent harm to and safeguard the rights of participants, investigate and resolve complaints relating to supports and services, and strengthen the skills and knowledge of providers and participants across Australia. 

The commencement of the NDIS Commission in WA is a significant development, and an important part of the approach to building inclusive, respectful and supportive communities across Australia that promote the rights and wellbeing of people with disability.


This session will cover the obligations of NDIS providers under the NDIS Practice Standards and the NDIS Code of Conduct. In particular there will be an opportunity to hear about and ask questions in relation to:

  • Behaviour support

  • Reportable incidents

  • Complaints

  • Compliance

Opportunities available for the property sector to deliver accommodation for participants of the NDIS including SDA (Specialist Disability Accommodation) 

Alison McLeod
Managing Director

Alison’s presentation will cover opportunities available for the property sector to deliver accommodation for participants of the NDIS

Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) – long-term housing solution for eligible participants under the SDA Rules 2020

Medium Term Accommodation (MTA) – accommodation available to all participants of the NDIS where a long term solution has been identified however is able to be moved into in the medium term

Short Term Accommodation (STA) – respite and holiday style accommodation for NDIS participants.

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Stephen Coghlan Governance Institute of Australia

Dave McMullen

Panetta McGrath Lawyers

Gallery - Pictures from the event 20th Aug 2021

Steven Coghlan

Governance Institute of Australia 

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