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Specialist Disability Accommodation Conferences 

Welcome to NDISDATM

NDISDA is a national events, information and educational platform where NDIS Registered Providers (including many in the Aged care sector) , Specialist Disability Accommodation Providers and stakeholders connect, network and remain updated and informed.

Each year, Health2Ageducate  partners with NDISDA to host seminars and conferences where like minded stakeholders can connect, remain updated and learn from each other .

Aged Care Clinical Managers, Quality and Compliance Managers, CFO's Directors, Nurses, Infection Control consultants, Care Managers, Architects, Builders, Assessors, Certifiers unite with NDIS Registered providers, SDA Providers and stakeholders

Join the NDISDA membership . Its free.

Events, Conferences, Workshops and Seminars are held in your city and throughout the year. 

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