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Health2Ageducate is a WA and NSW based National education, information and Healthcare events management organisation boasting a network of hospital & aged care Facility Managers and Executives, Care & Quality Managers, Co-Ordinators, Infection control nurses & Consultants, Food safety consultants, Clinical Managers, General Practitioners, Hospital Engineers, Suppliers, Environmental Health Officers, Councils, Hydraulic Engineers and Plumbers across the country.

We are currently expanding our services to include NDIS registered providers – a NDIS program will be included in our Healthcare WA 2020 Conference Expo in Perth on 21st October 2020. To view more details please click here

Specialist Disability Accommodation webinars are also hosted regularly. Please see here for more details



Health2Ageducate actively researches and delivers up-to-date information regarding changes that impact health stakeholders across the country.

Using the principles of information, education and commercial opportunities, each event and educational program has been carefully researched and designed to address the needs of the network within each State – while offering continuous professional development points and supplier solutions. 
Membership is free for non-suppliers and is rapidly expanding across the country.

Participants will accrue professional development points through webinars, workshops, seminars and conferences held annually. Certificates of Attendance are provided following all events.

Seminars, workshops and events have boasted national speakers and experts including Government representatives from SA, WA, QLD and NSW, as well as associations, professional bodies and universities. To view some past organisations, please click here. 


Health2Ageducate also partners with select suppliers, experts and service providers who offer a range of compliant, relevant and innovative solutions to add value to procurement needs.

Webinars and Livestream opportunities for participation 

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From Infection Control, to Water, to Hospital and Aged Care Equipment and Digital Technology- 

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Health2Ageducate boast preferred suppliers in hospital and aged care   

  • Emergency Planning

  • Food Safety

  • Water Safety (Legionella and more)

  • Facility Management

  • Dementia Safety

  • Infection Control 

  • Fire Safety 


Health2Ageducate's Partner,  ADEB Health and Aged Care services the educational, product & information needs of the Hospital Engineer, Health Facility Manager, Architect, Consulting Engineer, Builder, Contractor in the health care field, and all those engaged in Health Care Facilities Management


Find out how you can be part of a fast growing network dedicated to ensuring the latest of information and workshops are tailored to meet your needs. Register your interest or view the ADEB website here 

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